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oil and gas worker on radio Real Estate Malabo and Gulf of Equatorial Guinea

About Us

Founded in 2002, Alduco Group is a national and international award-winning company made up of several different independent businesses with a commitment to excellence, quality and the provision of products and services to the highest international standards across a wide range of sectors. Since its inception in 2002 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, the company has expanded and diversified, serving both national and regional customers alike.

Currently the group operates in the oil & gas, retail, real estate, HSE & in the hospitality sectors. The key to our success is that in everything we do we strive to add value to our employees, customers & partners.

We believe there are several factors to our continuous successes as a company. Firstly due to our commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and not only meeting them but exceeding their expectations. Secondly it is the strategic collaborations we made with our dedicated and hard-working employees, our suppliers and partners to bring out the best in everybody. Thirdly we strive to perform beyond our competitor’s performance levels. Fourthly we strive to add value and uplift the lives and businesses of all our collaborators involved to reach our goals.

Over the past two decades the group has gained a stable reputation for the quality of the products and solutions it provides in all the industries it operates in. Our commitment to quality and excellence has been reaffirmed with the national and international accolades and recognitions we received. At the Alduco Group were are committed in continuing our journey in the national and international marketplace, offering services and solutions to the highest standards we can offer, by understanding and serving the ever increasing needs of the customers.

Our Mission

  • To provide quality products and services to international standards, that exceeds customers’ expectations

  • To continuously attract, retain and develop the best local and international human capital, whiles fomenting local employment

  • To achieve market leadership, operating excellence & profitability in every segment we operate in

Our Vision

To be a leading conglomerate with a footprint in various African countries, providing world class products and services that enhance stakeholder value.

Core Values

Excellence – We will have only one standard EXCELLENCE

Customers – We will strive to exceed customers expectations

Motivating Leadership – We will lead by example

Teamwork – We share one Vision, we work as one Team

Innovation – We will encourage and reward innovation, especially breakthrough ideas

Integrity – We will conduct professionally and ethically